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  • Roller Derby
    Uncompromised Value! If you are looking for that perfect skate to fit your budget, then the Roller Derby Recreational Skates are the best value. Don't be mis-lead by "Best Value", we give you a better bang for your dollar than any other brand. If your looking for a high end Brand that gives you the best components, designs and performance in the Derby World then look no further to our Elite Roller Derby Skates.
  • Roller Derby Elite

    Roller Derby ELITE Series where innovation and performance come together. The RD Elite Series skates are designed and engineered for serious skaters. Only the highest level of materials and components are used in the Elite series. Our goal is to maximize performance without sacrificing comfort. Achieving the balance between performance and comfort can be a challenge. We go to great lengths to achieve this goal. You can be assured, our RD Elite Series of skates will not disappoint you. If you are looking for High Performance skates, whether it be Inline’s or Quad skates, look for the RD Elite logo. You will be on your way to be the best

  • Pacer
    Pacer Skates are primarily designed for Roller Rinks, although they are not limited to Roller Rink use. We pride ourselves in offering the Best Value, without sacrificing Quality & Performance. Not only does Pacer® offer a broad line of recreation fitness skates, we also specialize in commercial skates as well.
  • Lake Placid
    Lake Placid Ice Skates are the Best Value in Ice Skating from the beginner to to seasoned veteran. The design, quality and comfort are second to none out on the ice for you and your family.
  • Light Em Up
    Light Em Up Laces come in 5 different colors and 3 different sizes to brighten up your footwear. Three different functions will wow everyone around you with fast flash, slow flash and steady on.